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"Raze combine slick hooks with groovy riffs and pounding breakdowns to create a truly unique and addictive sound."

In a competitive world of bands striving to create the next perfect rock album, Raze stand out as a unique force; inspired, artistic and not afraid to shine.

Formed in 2014, the band consists of long-term vocalist Louis Dunham, axemen Daniel Eveleigh and Jack Ilott, bassist Ashley Rollings-Huffer and drummer Ethan Morter. Together they form Raze; the most intriguing and talented band of the current era. Based in Hertfordshire, UK they play a unique fusion of grunge and metal music, with just a touch of technical and progressive influence.

2017’s ‘Fallen Apart’ EP showcased 5 classic tracks written during the band’s juvenile years; upon its release, Raze played a packed release show before embarking to perform to audiences up and down the country.

With the back end of 2018 spent writing new music, Raze now aim to release an album’s worth of monumental riffage, soaring vocals and stunning technicality in the back half of 2019.

Raze are THE band to watch - keep your eyes peeled for this young and incredibly talented group of individuals.

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