Hertfordshire-based grunge-metallers Raze unleash their debut EP; ‘Fallen Apart’ - this 5-track release showcases the band’s innovative style; combining grunge sensibilities with heavier metal grooves.


‘Fallen Apart’ is a fitting name for band’s debut release:

“These tracks are a culmination of the efforts of a number of different members of the band, some of whom have come and gone,” states vocalist and founding member Louis Dunham.

“Hence the name - the very first carnation of Raze has ‘Fallen Apart’, but we’re back with a newer, better lineup, and we want to finally share these songs with the world.”


The artwork by Dismay Design (Illustrator for Whitechapel) further embodies this concept, with a skeletal hand grasping as it crumbles to nothing.


The EP was recorded and mixed over a three-day span at Echo Studios by Jonathon Jacobs of Ventura Soundhouse Productions; and mastered by Pete Maher.

fallen apart